Machine Fleet

Moulding machinery

In its moulding department, Mopla Srl uses Arburg injection moulding presses, of which one vertical and one vertically orientable.
All the presses are equipped with automatic material loading systems, automatic gas extraction systems, sprue separators where necessary, water and oil mould thermoregulation units, and 6 dedicated work islands, with Cartesian or anthropomorphic manipulators.
Press tonnages range from 25 to 250 tons.
The department comes complete with 7 machines for automatic screen printing of the parts.

Machine tools

Mopla’s machine tool fleet is set up to meet all the production and quality requirements of used and marketed moulds and of ordinary and extraordinary maintenance required to maintain constant quality over equipment lifetimes.
The workshop is equipped with numerous machine tools including:
5 milling machines – 3 die-sinking EDMs, one of which one with automatic electrode and pallet changer – 1 wire EDM – 1 hole punching machine – 4 lathes – 4 cylindrical internal and external grinding machines – 1 laser welding machine

Metrology Office

Mopla’s Quality System plays a fundamental role in all company processes. Indeed, the application of strict automotive sector standards and procedures over the years has allowed the company to guarantee the highest quality levels, in order to fully meet the expectations of its various customers.
The Metrology Office is equipped with numerous tools for the dimensional control of the metal parts of mould dies, of plastic component products and materials testing, including:
2 optical 2D machines – 2 point-to-point 3D machines – dynamometer – material melt flow index meter – material moisture meter – muffle furnace – torque meter – roundness meter.
The office offers third-party measurement services.